MVL Manikantan. Sports Journalist. Hindustan Times. Mumbai. Madras. Sports. Trains. Movies. Bike.

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  1. I am excited that you are following me. I love incredible Indian after my 4 month stay in 2013. we were in Ahmedabad. My husband is professor of architecture and he brought 11 students to study at CEPT. We traveled north and south for 26 days so I have seen lots of India. I am very interested in the the election and anxious to hear news from Mr. Modi’s rally in Chennai last week. How many people were there? How he was received. I couldn’t believe that Kejriwal resigned yesterday. what a blow for his followers! I have to tell you I personally am hoping that Mr. Modi will be given a chance to do in India, what he has accomplished in Gujarat! The professor calls me “Modi’s American campaign manager!”

    Interested to read that the American ambassador visited Mr. Modi a his home this week. Americans. . . . guess they are coming to the dance before the last song! I guess better late than never!

    I loved the trains in India! We went on sleeper trains second class and they were great, though I didn’t eat the train food! Have a lovely weekend, new friend!


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