Rajinikanth rambling

Posted on December 11, 2014


Tonight is going to be anxiously long and never-ending, for tomorrow the Superstar is back on screen the way we like him: live action and larger than life.

Being a Rajinikanth fan, years of waiting culminate into cascading emotions whenever his movies release. It will be no different as the dawn will give way to Lingaa, with a big question mark on his future. His health is not the way it was before, I was shocked to hear his gruff voice when Lingaa’s trailer was released. And cosmetics did their best to hide his age. But leaving all this aside, I will enjoy every moment of that fanfare that will prevail around the theatre hours before the opening show gets underway.

Ask any fan, and he will vouch for the fact that we wish to see to him act only as a hero, with that style and charisma like no other, that dose of dialogue delivery to enthrall us. For my generation, Rajini has been a mass hero after repeatedly proving his ability as an character actor, playing second fiddle to and also starting off in a negative role.

The point I wanted to make:

Over the last few months, I have been noticing a deliberate attempt to boost Rajini’s profile on social media. It all started days before Kochadaiyaan released. He joined Twitter, obviously managed by someone else. The movie was so disappointing, only Rajini’s brand made it last how much ever it did.

And when Lingaa was announced, a page on Facebook was created doling out childish updates like, “Good morning Rajini  fans, have nice day.”

My issue here is that Rajini stands above all this trivial publicity, that is what has made so durable when all his peers have faded away.

The page did keep the fans connected, but how many Rajini fans use social media ? My estimate is a very small percentage. And even among them, the only curiosity through the past few months was the progress of the film.

The legacy of Rajini will live, but I want it to stay untarnished. He needs to retire with a bang. He has done enough to keep his followers happy. I hope Lingaa is that final flourish. I have not celebrated Deepavali for the last couple of years, but I hope the fireworks tomorrow makes up for it all.

Note: This post was written randomly to help fight off the restlessness with the clock ticking away slowly.