Posted on October 1, 2014


Today was the last day of metre-gauge operations on the scenic Barak valley railway line from Lumding to Silchar in Assam. Among the last of the metre-gauge routes in the country, the line was an engineering marvel.

Sadly, i have not been fortunate enough to have travelled on this route. Although, I was supposed to.

It was the summer of 2008, my uncle planned out a lovely itinerary that started with the Madras Egmore-Guwahati express. I cant remember the plan now, but it was the first time I had heard of Haflong and Lumding. Silchar, of course, was part of geography school syllabus for it’s road connectivity.

Our trip had to be shelved due to insurgent problems reported in that part of the country.

I will live regretting the fact that I couldn’t travel in this sector. It has just occured to me that I have been helpless while the regret has accumulated. So many plans, but only a minor fraction of it fulfilled.

Why ?

Looking back, I could have travelled more during college perhaps. Or is it the job? Or the fact that leaves are utilised to go home? Maybe. But I love what I am doing.

There will, however, come a point when I ll just pick up my backpack and leave; where I ll hope to travel to my heart’s content, kill the regret.

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