A small experiment

Posted on August 13, 2014


As I write this, the Howrah-Madras Central Coromandal Superfast Express, has crossed Nellore, my ancestral city. It means in 173 kilometres, I will be home, Madras, after 10 months.

Last year, I decided to put myself through a little experiment, to see how long I can stay from my city. Fighting random bouts of homesickness, I think I have fared well. And more importantly, Mumbai is a beautiful city which has never given me a reason to complain.

The city has changed a lot, judging by the advertisements I read in The Hindu. But I am sure, Madras’s culture has not fallen for corruption. The city is where I want to settle down, learn and help preserve its rich heritage. Living away from Madras has been a difficult challenge. Missing the city has imbibed a lot more patience and control in me, but sometimes the urge was such I just wanted to board a train and get home.

Getting my bike to Mumbai helped me fight the homesickness, so did the visits of my parents.

On hindsight, it was a good experiment while it lasted, but a painful one; something which I will never do again.

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