Why I love Kochadaiiyaan and what I hate about it

Posted on June 8, 2014


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First up, I am a hardcore Rajinikanth fan. It runs in my blood. So while many are ripping apart his latest film Kochadaiiyaan for its below par animation, I liked it. I may be partial in my opinion, but when I see the Superstar on screen – live action or animated – I am mesmerised.

On Thursday, the night before the film released, I found it hard to sleep with a ticket to the 9 am show at PVR, Phoenix High Street, Kurla. The theatre however put us in a corner saying the 3D version was not received from the distributor and I had to make peace with the 2D version.

Well, that was at least better than having the show cancelled like it happened in PVR, Goregaon.

The animation was medieval, the motion capture was just plain ordinary. The animation took me back some time, it like watching ‘Sinbad’, made by the now-defunct company Pentafour , a decade or so ago.

And, more importantly, watching a Rajni movie in Mumbai is a damp squib, nothing comes close to Albert Theatre: the Rajni temple. The festivities are not the same. I was hardly surprised though given the delay in releasing this spectacle of sorts.

Like every fan, I was eagerly waiting for the impending D-Day with the dates volleying on and on. But what hurt me the most was postponing the movie after tickets were issued. There the producers crossed the line, if it were not a Rajni film it would have failed miserably. Once you sell tickets to public, it sticks in their mind that the movie is a just a couple of nights away. I am sure many like me were filled with expectations. Then on the night before, it is very frustrating to receive a message saying the movie is postponed. Ridiculous.

The animation allowed the superstar to bend the laws of gravity (cartoon physics, law number one I think), but the charm lay in the voice.

The only plus points of the movie were Rajni’s characteristic tone and the story blended joyfully with AR Rahman’s music.

But I am a Rajni fan, the movie will be awesome for me.

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