#100happytrains: Day 8

Posted on April 8, 2014


Mysore-Bangalore Push Pull Passenger

We had just finished a lovely holiday at Mysore and Coorg and were headed to Bangalore for the final leg of family vacation in September 2003. My parents planned to take the bus, a move I opposed. I was adamant and they give in. I wanted to take the Shatabdi. I noticed the crowd from Mysore-Bangalore is not much and convinced my father it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (actually it was, little did I know things would change as the years rolled by). After much deliberation, we landed at Mysore station only to see the ICF-rake missing on platform 1. To my misfortune it was a Tuesday, and the Madras-Mysore-Madras big blue did not (and still does not) run that day. Our next option was the Mysore-Bangalore Push Pull passenger, still better than taking the damned bus. My family had a good sleep while I pasted my head to window, watching out with all curiosity. There were no toilets in the train and it got filled, mainly with students, as we got closer to Bangalore. A journey made by a train, is always made well.

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