#100happytrains: Day 7

Posted on April 7, 2014


Tirupari-Kakinda Port Passenger

Travelled on this train led by a Vijayawada WAG-5HA during my college days (cannot recall the year) from Nellore South to Padugupadu. Computerisation was yet to arrive in the station and tickets were made out in cardboard. The fare for the six-km ride was just two rupees. The ticket lies somewhere along with ‘trash’ back home. The plan was instant, I was railfanning  and decided to take the 20-minute journey at the spur of the moment. I walked along the track from Padugupadu to my home in Nellore, seeing a handful of trains in the orange hue of the setting sun.

Section covered: Nellore South-Padugupadu.