#100happytrains: Day 2

Posted on April 2, 2014


Malda Town-Howrah-Malda Town Intercity Express

What started off as a Jan Shatabdi service, was later downgraded as an express train. Travelled on this train from Malda to Howrah in 2008 with my uncle. Our trip to the North East was cancelled due to insurgency problems and we decided to look around Malda. Reservations were easily available then and the Puri-sabzi at Azimganj was the best food item on that route. As you cross the Ganga through the Farraka Barrage, the train comes to a halt to allow the Dibrugarh-bound Brahmaputa Mail to pass through. The Siliguri WDP-4 raised the dust on that day at Farakka. The train will look as if it has only unreserved coaches as you approach Howrah, can’t blame the crowd; not enough trains. The trains leaves Malda at 0610 hours and reaches Howrah at 1250 hours, not a bad timing for single-line operation. On return, it takes a bit more time and is hauled by a Howarah Alco on both stretches.

Sections covered on this train: Malda Town-Howrah