#100happytrains: Day 1

Posted on April 1, 2014


Three months into 2014, I have yet to make a train journey and ever since my bike landed in Mumbai the EMU rides have reduced significantly. Taking cue from the #100happydays phenomenon, and in an attempt to recall the train journeys I have undertaken, I present to you #100happytrains. A post on a train daily, mostly the ones I have been on and some of which are my favourites.

Day 1: Pinakini Superfast Express, Vijayawada-Madras-Vijayawada

The train along with Satavahana Superfast (BZA-Secunderabad-BZA) and Ratnachal Superfast (BZA-Vishakapatnam) forms Vijayawada’s prestige triumvirate, departing almost simultaneously in three different directions at around 6 am daily. Take this train mostly for my Madras-Nellore trips, mainly during the summers of school and college. The pantry car’s hot cutlets and Thums Up is an ideal accompaniment during the journey which offers a lot for a railfan in searing weather conditions. The 177-km stretch between MAS-NLR took around three hours but over the last decade, the timing has come down to two hours and forty minutes. The 24-coach train covers just over 860 kms in a day in 14 hours and five minutes, and rest assured delays are made up at blazing speeds on the high-speed sector. Also, my maiden ride on a WAP-7 came on this train in 2009.

Sections covered on this train: Madras-Gudur, Madras-Nellore, Chirala-Vijayawada, Vijayawada-Madras, Nellore-Madras, Gudur-Madras.

Pinakini Express led by WAP-4 takes me home. August 2014

Pinakini Express led by a WAP-4 takes me home. August 2013