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Posted on December 6, 2013


The sun is unrelenting, cruel and with no hope of lowering its guns. The fiber roofing at Andheri station is not enough to stop the sweat trickle down his face. It’s well past noon, the crowds are minimal for Mumbai standards. He is lucky enough to get a seat in those stainless steel benches which seem to be designed to add to the sultry misery.

He sits down, wipes his face with a tissue but yet it is back to square one in a few seconds. An express train sweeps past and along with a rush of the burning wind hits his face. Amidst all this, as the train winds away, he sees her sitting right across the platform. Prominent in a yellow salwar, she sits cross legged on a bench under the roof, which allows just the right amount of light to reflect on her glistening face.

The glow catches his attention. Her brown-eyes captivate him in seconds. A train arrives, but he decides to take the next one or the one after that. It didnt matter, catching a train took the backseat. As the EMU speeds away, he sees her tuck in strands of her loose-curly hair behind the ear. The doe-eyed lady has taken all his attention. And as she looks the otherside, his gaze has been taken note of.

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