A broken eye

Posted on September 11, 2013


Today, my camera was a victim of a stone-pelting incident, not quite far from Ahmedabad station, when I was door plating.

A miscreant aimed a blue metal rock at my hands to have the gadget slip out of my grip and fall. Luckily, wary of such occurrences, I always fasten the strap with an additional knot around my right thumb.

It all happened in a second. The stone also struck the lense side forcing a part of it to jump out of the socket. The pain in my left hand seemed inconsequential. It didn’t matter.

The screen said lens error as I sat  aghast at what happened. It was ironical too. I was sharing space with Jeetender Pal from Agra, a twenty-eight-year-old father of two, heading to Kalool in hope of employment.

Somewhere our conversation had tilted towards such incidents. He denied such incidents ever took place, atleast in UP. He had to change his opinion.

I had faced a similar situation last year travelling in Tamil Nadu express. A thick, sharpened piece of tree branch was aimed at my hand while crossing the forest at Darakoh. My hand bore the brunt of it all, resulting in a nasty swelling. My camera could not escape this time.

Some of you may know the camera, a Nikon S4000. It had a pink shade to it but easily among the best for railfanning. With a user-friendly touch screen and no professional frills. It was perfect to change settings while clicking on a moving train and a perfectly fit under your palm while clicking in stealth to avoid RPF and GRP.

It was bought for me after graduation so that I could take photos of trains. It has been a bond built on over 15000 photographs.I thought writing this down would help. Hope the Service centre has got the spares, the camera was put out of production a couple of years back.