Kamal Hassan and Vishwaroopam

Posted on January 31, 2013


You will never walk alone

You will never walk alone

I have not been an obsessive fan of Kamal Hassan, nor for that matter a vocal supporter of his work.

I got the chance to see the man in flesh and bones in Mumbai after the second Test against England. Hoping to get lucky with an interview of any cricketer I could meet at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in November 2012, I saw him wearing a black Armaani shirt along with Shekar Kapur in the hotel lobby. Confident and jovial, it must have been the excitement before the release of his pet project – Vishwaroopam – which has now been rinsed with enough block holes and hence preventing its release. I did not approach him, I was content on just seeing him for I am no fanatic.

But I am from Madras and swear by the cinema it dishes out in copious amounts. I embrace the influence it has had on me just like it has pushed people to elect three Chief Ministers from the film world or be the base for political growth in the State, almost in its entirety.

Seeing Kamal Hassan speak on Wednesday, in a similar Armaani shirt, moved me to a great extent. No artist, especially someone of his caliber, should be made to undergo the traumatic events which have prevailed over the past week. It is farcical to see the release of Vishwaroopam held hostage, on a critical reason of course, by certain miscreants who must be getting a masochistic kick out of it.

I have not seen the film but, with utmost faith in Kamal Hassan, believe the movie does not portray Muslims in bad light. A man of his stature, with four national awards, needs to be taken at face value when he assures the same. But he has gone pleading, trying to break the impasse but to no avail till now.

The case is sub-judice, again. But it has egged me more to wait for the film. He may not be the greatest human being, but he stands on a high pedestal. Just like he claimed he was the Bharathiyar of Tamil cinema.

Kamal Hassan sir, just like millions of others I am with you. I will speak out for you and ensure people do not get a wrong notion of what is happening.

I am ardently waiting for Vishwaroopam to release in Madras and when it does I will see it in Mumbai, with the same excitement you seemed to have in Taj Mahal Palace that day.