Not bad for a 90-year-old

Posted on November 9, 2012


In a moment of nostalgia, Sachin Tendulkar recalled his meeting with Sir Donald Bradman when he was conferred with the Order of Australia. “I was invited along with Shane Warne to wish Sir Bradman on his 90th birthday.”

“Warnie and I were so tense, we didn’t know how to react,” he said.

Revealing their modus operandi to tackle the jitters before they met the legend in flesh and blood in 1998, Tendulkar said, “We were driving to his place thinking about what to ask him. I said it’s your turn. You are an Australian you should know better. I told him you start and maybe I will take over a little bit later.”

“The moment we went there we were struck by his personality. We just stood beside him and allowed him to talk as much as possible because we wanted to hear him,” he said.

Donning the hat of a journalist for a brief moment, Tendulkar inquired with the legend on what would have been his batting average in “today’s cricket”.

“Maybe 70…” was his reply Tendulkar said asking him, “Why not 99.94?”

The canny Bradman had replied, “Come on son it is not bad for a 90 year-old-man.”

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