Dhanush and 3

Posted on May 18, 2012


If a James Bond movie has a signature gun barrel opening, Dhanush has a signature coming-back-from-beaten-to-pulp scene. The most recent of which appears in 3, a movie best watched fast-forward at thrice the normal speed.

Previously enacted in Pudukottai, Polladhavan, Padikathavan, (there could be more to the list), the scene has a set modus operandi. Fight ensues, handful of guys beat him up, gets you thinking if the way a Tamil movie works has taken a U-turn. Villains having the last laugh. Nope, that’s when the protagonist instils hope in the audience.

Yes, he clenches his fist, grinds his teeth, and takes one a breath as if it is the last, scans the surroundings like a Terminator droid, plans his assault in milliseconds (like how Robert Downey does as Sherlock Holmes) and begins the pounding.

Not that he is not a good actor, a fine actor and a National Award winner at that. He has starred in the modern-day Tamil adaptation of Bicycle Thieves and the way Baradwaj Rangan puts it, Aadukalam (for which he won the Rajat Kamal) is Polladhavan + Othello.

He can’t do a Kamal Hassan or a Shivaji but he sticks to what he does best – a rural ruffian or a gangster or a youngster gone in the wrong direction or put in a mess. He pulls it off with ease.

3 is drab as a Geoff Boycott at the crease, slow as a snail.

However it captures, beautifully, the dream of almost every boy school-going Tamil boy – falling in love with your crush, being with the girl you develop feelings for when you are coming-of-age and the frantic behaviour when you miss her. The bird watching at tuition centre or the following to locality. Add few romantic songs and the potion served is sweet asmaple syrup.

If only the movie ended there rather than go the way it headed. A fairy-tale it would have been.

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