Fifty years of James Bond and The Beatles – I

Posted on May 5, 2012


What could have been the odds in the field of entertainment, ever since its evolution, two of its biggest entities came into prominence the same year?

Four young men from the Merseyside and a team which worked on adapting a novel into silver screen made an indelible impression on a generation getting into the grooves of rock’ n roll and technicolour.

Not just for that generation, the impact will continue to last for generations to come.

The Beatles and James Bond, propelling the British invasion, are sacrosanct. Alas, what would the world come down to if mattermani does not have anything to say?

The memory of watching Goldeneye as a six-year old still lingers with the titles depicting the downfall of the Soviet Union (of course, I had no idea silhouettes of naked women demolishing large sickle structures signified that). Nor did I know Pierce Brosnan had occupied a position which had the weight of Sean Connery’s persona and Roger Moore’s charm.

As times changed, video discs made their way into pirated markets and internet started to creep into everyone’s homes. Knowing more about James Bond seemed to be a rabid interest. Until then my only sources were my father and uncle.

I could not remember math formulae or  science theories, but chronological order of bond films, release year, female leads, directors and music directors were at my fingertips.

But, discovering The Beatles was coming of age, randomly downloading their work on Limewire, discovering them song by song. To see how they matured over the years. The 60’s was a blessed decade.

I would be, if not anything else, a fair-weather fan if I do not put down my tributes. But thankfully, I have a year to cushion my laziness and procrastination.

To be concluded…

Note – It is the fiftieth year since the first Bond film was released, but the books authoed by Ian Fleming were published much before that.